Nutrition is a vital piece of our health and wellness. Without the proper nutritional consultation to fit our individualized biochemistry, then it will be quite difficult to optimize our potential to heal from a holistic perspective. That is why our healthcare professionals emphasize the importance of the food intake that our patients make on a daily basis.

How can we find out what you need?

One of the three pillars in Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology is Biochemistry/Nutrition. When one of the three pillars is out of balance, then our body's ability to heal is ultimately compromised. Therefore, through the use of muscle testing, our chiropractors are trained to detect what nutrients you need to add or eliminate specifically for your body.

How does Nutrition relate to Chiropractic?

The microbiome in our stomach directly communicates with our brain, which is often predicated in how we feel and heal. When we have interference from the stomach to the brain - and vice versa - due to a subluxation in our spine, our nervous system will ultimately hinder the digestive processes in our body, thus leading to a myriad of maladaptation and malabsorption of nutrients in our digestive system.