Dr. Silvaray Rumedi has always been immersed in the healthcare profession. In high school, he attended a year long pre-nursing program to prepare himself for nursing school in college. After 2 years of nursing school in Towson University, Baltimore, he realized that he wanted to take health care outside of the hospital setting. His days interning at hospitals as a nurse made him reminisce on the idea of preventative care – how can we work on helping people stay away from being admitted to hospitals? That is when he came across Chiropractic – A Chiropractor came to present in one of his classes. Understanding the myriad of benefits that chiropractic care can provide, and addressing the CAUSE of our conditions really resonated with him at the time.

After leaving Nursing school, and graduating from one of the most prestigious Chiropractic schools in the United States (Life Chiropractic College West), he fell in love with the profession even more when he started seeing a profound impact on his patients. From chronic headaches and digestive problems to a 5 year long back pain and sciatica condition, he have utilized chiropractic care as a tool to bring his patients to ease and optimal health so that they can return to what they love to do most – working out, playing basketball, playing with their grandkids, etc.

Dr. Rumedi specializes in a specific Chiropractic technique called Applied Kinesiology. This technique is a unique diagnostic tool that emphasizes the neurology of the human body, as well as looking at the body as a holistic being. With the use of muscle testing, he is able to distinguish the needs of his patients based on their physical, psychological, and biochemical requirements. He understands that the human body must be well-balanced and well-regulated in all three perspectives in order to reach optimal health and well being.

His passion to bring holistic health care to his community so that they can live a long and prosperous life has been a lifelong endeavor. Since high school, he knew that he wanted to impact the people in his community from a health and well-being paradigm. Fortunately, Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology has provided him the vehicle to lead his patients towards a brighter and healthier life, so that families can be together, athletes can perform at their most optimal form, and people can ultimately live life at a state of ease and optimal health.